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New Profile Posts

  1. Wingnut
    Wingnut Riverjop
    Do u still have that set of shocks 4 sale ?
  2. Rogue1
    Need more Power
  3. Rogue1
    Anyone know a cross reference for the cvt belt.
  4. Rogue1
    Is there any way to increase rev limiter
    1. Rogue1
      Hello I have a 2006 tm2 with the 950 daihatsu. Is there any way to increase rev limiter or maybe add a turbo
      Sep 12, 2015
  5. mowman
    mowman tm2drolic
    did you ever mount a winch? i made my own mount go to the community and look at my albums
  6. tm2drolic
    tm2drolic Wiggy
    Tried to send you a PM but got this "Wiggy has chosen not to receive private messages or may not be allowed to receive private messages. Therefore you may not send your message to him/her."

    PM me if you want to swap contact info.
  7. mowman
    mowman ThreePings
    hey we are going to be at brimstone atv park in huntsville tn on aug 24-26
    let me know if you are in the area

  8. Waynap
    Thanks for the info! That's the reason I couldn't make up my mind with out trying it. He said it would go anywhere, but I was leary.

  9. mowman
    mowman Waynap
    Hey Waynap

    You don't want a Tomcar without hi/lo and a diff lock.
    The one that just sold was a tour car with only forward and reverse.
    The diff lock makes it go places the other cars can't go
    and lo gear is really important when you are talking about 31-35 horse power.
    Just a note to be careful

  10. mowman
    mowman ThreePings
    Do you mind if I ask, where those pictures were taken? Some of the landscapes look familer
  11. joe atkins
    joe atkins Wiggy
    Sorry, Have not been on this site for sometime.yes, I still ride was out last week. We should go riding some time. my e-mail is jatkins64@cox.net thx.
  12. Wiggy
    Wiggy joe atkins
    Hey Joe - are you still active and riding? I keep seeing your name all over forums. I just bought a (used) TM4 and am looking for people to ride with and suggestions on where to go. The one I bought has the big (RX1) engine in it, and the previous owner completely abused it so i've basically had the entire thing rebuilt. I've been out a couple of times trying to test it out before I do anything too aggressive. I've got lots of friends who want to ride with me (ie in my vehicle) but don't know anyone else who rides seriously. Any advice?

    Dave Herwig
  13. Ric
    Ric sancap
    Where is your TC located? I am looking for a TC 4 seater
  14. apollosg
    apollosg joe atkins
    Not sure, never measured it.
  15. joe atkins
    joe atkins apollosg
    Thats a nice car, Like the lite bar.with all of them on hows the amp draw?
  16. buffaloman
    buffaloman TOMCAR CANADA
    Hello, Any word on demo days? I would like to bring mine out to run with the big dogs. Let me know!
  17. buffaloman
    buffaloman Bud
    Nice pics. Are you in Alberta by any chance. Looking for other owners locally for outings
  18. Bud
    Just click on "Contact Info" and then "Home Page" for my biography. I began my love for automobiles when I was just a toddler. I built my first “race car” when I was seven, putting larger wheels on the back just like my dad told me to, so I could always be going down hill and wouldn’t need a motor.