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Don't want to race, just want the best I can get from my Tomcar

Discussion in 'SXS Racing' started by Tom Canuck, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. Tom Canuck

    Tom Canuck Member

    Hey Folks
    I would simply like to get a bit better performance from my 2009 Tm2 (Daihatsu 1.1 litre powerplant).
    Any info would be appreciated

    Best Regards
    Tom Canuck
  2. mowman

    mowman Member

    Hey tom

    Any new stuff with the Tomcar?
  3. mowman

    mowman Member

    Hey SANDERSONS why dont you follow along with this site?

    We are trying to promote these fine machines
    some dealer support would be great !!

    And why not some factory support too
    come on tomcar usa

    if you guys have another site you use let us know
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