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front bumpers

Discussion in 'Tomcar Lounge' started by tymadd, Mar 14, 2015.

  1. tymadd

    tymadd Member

    Has anyone seen the bumper and winch that are on the cars in Texas. What type of bumpers does everyone have.
  2. todd

    todd New Member

    hi , i just made a bumper from a arctic cat prowler bumper and i made a custom holder for the winch it looks awsome if you want some pics of it i can send some to... todd
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  3. Laurier Gauthier

    Laurier Gauthier New Member

    Here is a picture of the bumper Todd just put on his Tomcar.

  4. Tomcar Australia

    Tomcar Australia New Member

    We can supply bumpers.

    We manufacture a more advanced version of the Canadian and the U.S. Tomcar version here in Australia. Happy to help all Tomcar owners worldwide. Just let us know.

    We have completely redesigned the braking, cooling, electrical and many other Tomcar systems and have plenty of stock to help global users.

    Email us direct and we can help fix your issues: david@tomcar.com.au

    Also check out our Tomcar Support Centre: http://support.tomcar.com.au

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