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i want more power

Discussion in 'References' started by mowman, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. mowman

    mowman Member

    Don't we all

    Hey Tomcar owners::: What have you done to give your Tomcar more power?

    I have a TM25J with a Kohler engine. It needs more power, any Ideals?
  2. Wiggy

    Wiggy New Member

    There was a local shop in Mesa called Toy Junkies that modified about 30 TM's a couple of years ago. They put Yamaha RX1 engines in them, and did a bunch of other modifications. It was a pricey conversion ($7500 i think), but it did the trick. I just bought the only 4 seater they did, and its got 200+ hp. Unfortunately the person i bought it from had no idea how to take care of it, and I've basically rebuilt the entire engine at this point. But it has power galore...

    Toy Junkies is out of business now but some of their mechanics started a shop called First Kicks down in Mesa. They work on a bunch of them that are set up for racing, so you might have some luck calling down there.
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  3. mowman

    mowman Member

    Thanks Wiggy I have read about them
    That is an expensive upgrade. There is a video on facebook about a
    660cc snowmobile engine that ran in the baja 1000.
    I have researched 660 cc engines and they produce 40-60
    horsepower, I think that would be right up my alley.
    So the search continues.

  4. joe atkins

    joe atkins Member

    I was looking at a youtube. a guy has installed a evo 4cyc. in a TM. would like to know more about that way.
  5. mowman

    mowman Member

    Joe I see that you have a tm4, what engine do you have?
  6. joe atkins

    joe atkins Member

    I have the Daihatsu 950G. 4 cyc. Could use more power. Would like to go faster (sometimes). Later.
  7. chrismatt

    chrismatt New Member

    Hey there i have a four seater i love it so much but i would also love more speed was wondering if you found anything else out there my max speed is 37 mph would love to get up to 50 mph any help would be awesome thanks
  8. mowman

    mowman Member


    What engine do you have?

    I found out yesterday about a place called

    they build tractor pulling engines but most of them are smaller engines
    like we have
  9. chrismatt

    chrismatt New Member

    I have the 3 cylinder it just don't have enough power Have u done any thing to your tomcar
  10. mowman

    mowman Member

    I think that is about as fast as the twin Kohler or the three cylinder Diahatsu
    will run.

    I lose power/speed on long hills. I have to drop into low range just to keep

    The engine rpm's change a little but the speed drops alot

    And to answer your question no I have not done anything as of yet.
    I'm still seeking info, maybe a different engine.
    I may just live with what I have, so far it has gone "most" of the
    places I have forced it to go.
  11. mowman

    mowman Member

  12. mowman

    mowman Member

    it worked

    The magnum tuner has added more power/speed.
    Before We installed it top speed was 35mph. After top speed 43 mph.
    More power off the line, it now will break the tires loose in gravel.
    If I am on a hill and I expect more then 10-15 mph its not gonna happen.
    The TM25J has a weird gear set up, it appears to be to high. In hi or lo

    I was out with a TM27 with a 3 cylinder Diahatsu and on a long drive way he can blow right by me and keep accelerating. I can only press it to the floor and slow down to 10 mph. Any suggestions?

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  13. tm2drolic

    tm2drolic Member

    Moman, I have a 07 TM25J with the 750 Kohler... I have some questions for you to try and wake up the 'J'.

    So, in my completely stock 'J', my top speed on gravel / dirt rode is about 41-42 mph. On a paved road, floored, I can eventually get to about 49, just shy of 50 (CVT whines really loud at this speed). This is with my fat but, stock tires, one gas tank, small tool box, and a spare. (Numbers ARE based on the gauge, I should confirm with GPS).

    But, baring a bunch more weight on your 'J' in accessories your top end speed (pre-magnum chip) sounds low. Just my .02 cents...

    The CVT 'governor' was removed, right? There is no 1.5 - 2" piece of pipe to keep the CVT from kicking all the way out? Previous owner of mine removed it, but gave the part to me in the sale ("WTF do i need it for" is what i said), so I am not really sure where it would go.

    Have you checked the play in the CVT belt itself? Manual says something like 1.5 to 2 inches of play in the belt. It's adjusted by sliding the motor in the mount I believe. But, to much slack or tension will cause the belt ride to change its max position. I ask because I notice difference between H and L gears, not a ton, but a real difference. If you dont, maybe the xfer case isnt getting fully spun up. I do slow significantly on hills L lets me keep the RPMs up and a steady climbing speed. I've never tried but would assume it could bog down in H on a good climb.

    I've spent some time looking at the throttle + peddle setup on the Tomcar, it is over built like everything else. But... on mine (duno what the other motors have), if it moved exactly 6 inches from top to bottom. The first inch would do nothing, idle RPM. Inches 2-5 would fully advance throttle to wide open. And, nothing changes from inch 5-6. If you move the peddle while watching the cable pull the assembly to move the throttle butterfly. You will notice that that last little travel in the peddle presses the butterfly to its stop point and there is a spring to take up the rest of the movement, butterfly stays completely vertical. My point is it's an intricate setup, worth the time to make sure it's all in-tune.

    BTW. On my engine, with the original air filters with 50, dusty AZ desert, hours of run time the butterfly / throttle body look brand spanking new, zero carbon no dirt. The FleetGuard air cleaner on this thing really, really works. The throttle body connect to cleaner box is easy to pull with two 8mm bolts. It's worth it to take a peek and make sure everything is good working order. I re-used the gasket.

    Tried anything like a new fuel filter / injector cleaner? Bad gas sucks, dont ask me how I know. I've noticed the fuel pump/ fuel pump leads / accumulator are kind of exposed. I'd inspect them and hoses closely.

    Have you replaced spark plugs? I replaced mine with E3 3.20, gaped to .040. Big difference on start up for me. It used to 'hunt' to find idle on a cold start for about 5 minutes, starts up and purrs perfectly now. The original Champions I pulled out were gaped a little small at .030.

    Toy Junkies supposedly made a 'blue CVT' mod for Tomcars. They played with the weights in the throw out i think. There is a youtube video of someone having this. I've been told that on the 25J, it REALLY wakes them up in acceleration while on something heavier like the TM4 pickup in acceleration less noticeable. Sadly, Toy Junkies is not in the Tomcar game anymore.

    P.S. I've seen that magnum tuning chip to psych out the EFI intake temp / O2 sensor. I have been REALLY tempted to try it. You still liking yours? How much advance (turning of the little knob) did you use before you ran to rich? Your mentioning this was all I needed to pull the trigger on one.
  14. mowman

    mowman Member

    I work at an outdoor power equipment shop in Louisville, KY and we are a Kohler dealer with the engine diagnostic computer system from Kohler.
    at 4100 rpms all I coud get out of this machine was 32-35 mph. With the magnum chip I can now get 43-45 mph still at 4100 rpms. The chip mfg tells you how to pre adjust the tuner before you install, and I have not moved the screw since then. The EFI is constantly adjusting the engine to keep it running where it thinks it needs to be. So I think I have all she can give.
    I bought my Tomcar from this site and Gary posted that he could go 50
    mph. But every since I have had it, 35 was tops until I put the tuner in.

    The belt is new and adjusted and readjusted again to the specs.

    I agree the Donaldson air filter is top notch and maybe a little restrictive,
    but I like what it does and its a keeper. It also has a k&n pre filter up front.

    I have wondered about the clutch, but Eric at Tomcar has informed me that
    with or without the clutch mod this is about all I can expect.

    So !!! I will like her just like she is, not real fast but REAL reliable.

    I am still in awe of what these things can do. We have gone up hills you would have to crawl up and it always feels pretty safe. We went out with a quad last time, and we had to wait for him. Going over and down hills was just second nature for us, he always had to study before he dropped off.

    Thanks for your post


    ps when you adjust your belt don't forget to loosen the muffler bracket on the top of the engine
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  15. tymadd

    tymadd Member

    Would you happen to have pictures of your engine install and motor mount design as i'm in the beginning of installing the apex engine in my TM4. Was the radiator increased from factory? Any advise would be much appreciated.
  16. Dwayne Hagan

    Dwayne Hagan New Member

    Hey tymad how did you do on your install? I'm persuing the apex motor for my TM2. Any advie would be helpful. Thx

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