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Discussion in 'General Tomcar Info' started by Bfizz, May 12, 2015.

  1. Bfizz

    Bfizz New Member

    Has anyone had issues with overheating? I'm looking at running a Tomcar in a tropical jungle environment that doesn't fluctuate much from 28-35 degrees Celsius (82-95 degrees Fahrenheit) It is humid here I'm not sure if that would affect the overheating? Is there anything you could do to prevent overheating? Thanks!
  2. mowman

    mowman Member

    The Tomcar has two fans on the radiator assy, I don't think the second fan has ever came on
    during operation. It has plenty of radiator capacity to cool the engine.
    I would not worry about this. I was in the Arizona desert last may and these things were everywhere.
  3. Bfizz

    Bfizz New Member

    Sorry, just to clarify. I was asking about driving at say 45-50 mph for around 10-15 minutes on pavement to get to a few different spots in Costa Rica. The cars I bought have the fans jumped so both fans turn on.
  4. mowman

    mowman Member

    That wont be a problem we have driven them on up hill trails, thru the woods with the pedal to the floor
    for hours with out overheating .
  5. Tomcar Australia

    Tomcar Australia New Member

    Yes. The Tomcar manufactured in the U.S. is prone to overheating. This is due to a number of issues.

    Happy to help solve anyone's over heating issues.

    We manufacture a more advanced version of the Canadian and the U.S. Tomcar here in Australia. Happy to help all Tomcar owners worldwide. Just let us know.

    We have completely redesigned the braking, cooling, electrical, Powertrain, and many other Tomcar systems and have plenty of stock to help global users.

    Email me direct and we can help fix your issues: david@tomcar.com.au

    Also check out our Tomcar Support Centre: http://support.tomcar.com.au

    We love the Tomcar and have been working since 2005 to make it the off-road vehicle it was always meant to be!! Xx

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