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Tm25j for sale

Discussion in 'Tomcar Sales' started by mowman, Sep 30, 2014.

  1. mowman

    mowman Member

    Well the time has come to sell my TOMCAR. I just don't use it enough
    to keep it anymore.

    It has 82 hours on the machine, 2007 model year bought in 2008
    35 hp Kohler liquid cooled engine with a Magnum tuner chip, spare new belt
    5 gallon fuel can, spare front tire assy, extra tire rod end and ball joint
    end. With a windshield and roof. HI/LO/REVERSE WITH DIFF LOCK
    There is a tiny tach on the machine, all the head lites have been upgraded,
    (but i still have all the original lites and the mirrors)
    it has a custom made winch stand and a 4000 lb viper winch.

    It has the usual scratches but nothing major.
    see the photos in the community section ( not all are of the tm25j )
    some of them are on a 27 that xrider has
    I will take more if you want to see them

    This car is in very good shape and needs a new home
    with someone to use it more then i have time to do

    I live in Louisville Ky and will help you with shipping.
    I bought this on this site in jan of 2011 I have put 40 hours on it in 4 years

    I am selling this for $7000.00

    contact Dan at 502-741-6516
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2014
  2. mowman

    mowman Member

    still for sale still has 82 hours
  3. mowman

    mowman Member

  4. mowman

    mowman Member

    IMG_2460.JPG OK IT NEEDS A NEW HOME $6500.00
  5. mowman

    mowman Member


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