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TM25J : I'm in the owners club!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by tm2drolic, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. tm2drolic

    tm2drolic Member

    Got my 07 TM25J this week. Could not be more happy about it. Was a great find from a great owner who also loved these things. It was well cared for and only had 30 some hours on it.

    Some information for others who might want to tag / title an older Tomcar in the Phoenix valley area. You can get a MC tag for it and be street legal then get the OHV sticker for that tag. You will need to pass emissions testing. It was not hard, they are really just looking for your money. They do an 'Idle Test' where they put a sniffer on the thing while idling and a visual inspection of the gas cap. I had to show them where the VIN was and confirm "yes, thats the gas tank". The hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide numbers were very low compared to their 'standard' numbers. But, I did run some Lucas fuel injector cleaner with fresh gas first. Since it had been sitting for a while, I also drove it the 7 miles to the test location so it was aired out good and warmed up. Also, don't forget you need a tag light to be street legal, mine didn't have one. But, its a simple fix.

    I am looking for a front bumper to mount a winch on. Am also REALLY interested in the blue cvt mod. But, it does not appear that Toy Junkies is selling anything aftermarket Tomcar anymore (based on a phone call to them).

    I'm looking forward to driving this thing around the AZ country side and seeing other Tomcar owners out there ripping it up.


  2. mowman

    mowman Member

    Welcome to the Tomcar club.

    They are a whole lot of fun, so get out there and ride!

  3. Tom Canuck

    Tom Canuck Member

    Congratz on your lovely Tomcar

    Great vehicle and the color is sweet.
    Very useful info on the nonsense about getting the vehicle street legal.
    I'm about to get delivery within a week and a half to get my TM2 delivered from Tomcar Canada to the East Coast of Vancouver Island, Canada. Getting it street legal could be a huge pile of sheit due to Canadian Safety Standards.
    As I bought this 2009 demo from the owner of the franchise here, it came with a lot of goodies, including a front bumper and a 4K LB Warn winch.
    (Edited): I believe ARB sells the bumpers/winch mount for these cars. I can check with the previous owner as to where he got his. The Warn winch is easily found on the Web. It also seems that the bumper and winch is offered as an option by Tomcar USA (but probably quite expensive compared to after market gear)).

    Considering that these ARB bumpers are designed to drive any obstruction under the vehicle due to their forward upwards angle, the design is based on the fact that it is not a matter of if but rather a matter of when before you run over something in the Aussie Outback.

    Their Roof mounted tents may also be of interest to you. Not to buy but to simply use that concept from avoiding a close encounter with a rattler in your sleeping bag in AZ by a foldable roof mounted tent platform.

    As to Toy Junkies, it seems their docs on their website are 5 years out of date (according to the Sales Manager for Tomcar Canada. He is right as the prices for their parts are way out of date as well as the current drive parts).

    Better you deal with the US factory or the dealership in Phoenix. (Sorry, Tomcar Canada can't deal with you due to franchise respects).

    Looking forward to connecting with you the next time I get to NV or AZ.

    Give me a PM if you are really stuck in getting your parts.

    Best of luck, M8
    Tom Canuck
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2012
  4. Wiggy

    Wiggy New Member


    Hey - welcome to the forum. Hope you are enjoying the new toy!

    In reference to Toy Junkies.... I have a TM4 that was originally built/modified by them in 2006. They actually went out of business about 2 or 3 years ago - they expanded way too quickly, then the economy went south. However....

    Some of their folks opened a new shop called First Kicks in Mesa. Ray is the mechanic over there and he helps me out with the RX1 engine i've got in mine. I think he can get his hands on quite a bit of stuff, and they have the equipment to install it. I think its worth talking to him.

    PM me if you want a riding partner at some point. I need to do some work on mine but should be ready to go in a few weeks...
  5. tm2drolic

    tm2drolic Member

    Hey thanks Wiggy. Always looking for a riding buddy. I'll PM with contact info. It's been a while since I checked into the form, sorry.

    Saw the pics of your RX1 machine in another post. Mean build, want to check it out

    JIM ADAMS New Member

    Good day, Jim here Overgaard just got a good used one TM4 2006. Doing some stuff to it. Grandson is good at welding and body work he is make a set of aluminum doors for it. Have alot of trails in this area.
  7. Keith

    Keith New Member

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