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TM5 ready for shipment

Discussion in 'TM-5 Tomcar' started by frank cunningham, Sep 24, 2016.

  1. frank cunningham

    frank cunningham New Member

    This is my new go-to vehicle on its first time outdoors. It won't be shipped until October 4, because I won't be home in North Florida to get it until the 8th. I am so stoked to get it, I almost changed my travel plans, but that might have created problems with my wife.

    The reason I chose a Tomcar should be clear when you read the little poem I wrote about patrolling this area in a Polaris Ranger:

    Roots and rocks
    Will test your shocks.
    Bumpy trails
    Will bang your tails.
    All I know?
    Go slow!

    Well, maybe it won't be necessary to go slow anymore. It appears to me that the TM5, with its longer wheel-base, will be even smoother riding than the TM2.
    I will post again after I've put it through its paces.

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